It all started with a simple idea: to make pure, safe and highly absorbable products that we would use ourselves and give to our family.

from our own  

Aarja Health®'s founder Håkon and his wife Elisabeth have both had serious health issues. Pure food supplements were an important part of their journey towards healing - but they were difficult to find. Aarja Health® represents everything they have been looking for in the market of health products. Now they want to give everyone the same opportunity to use pure, safe and highly absorbable supplements.

with the best  

Aarja Health® products are crafted using the purest and the most efficient ingredients in the world to create safe and highly absorbable solutions to support a healthy lifestyle. Aarja Health® is made for everyone - our products are vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free and lactose-free. We also avoid using unnecessary additives - for us it is all about purity and efficiency.

inspired by  

Aarja means 'Energy' in the Sami language. Our roots are far up north in the land of wild nature, where our Sami forefathers have lived in harmony with nature - and depended upon it for food and medicine. The cold climate gives the plants a unique strength and life force. We have listened to this wisdom and carefully chosen Nordic ingredients in our supplements, that will give the best effect for your health and energy. Good health is easy as nature has all the answers for holistic wellbeing.

And now we want to share the results with you...