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  • How the Body Uses Energy: Your Guide to the Body’s Fuel Sources

    It’s no secret that the body needs energy – we’ve all had those days where our limbs are heavy, our eyes just can’t seem to stay open, and all we want to do is spend the day on the couch! But do you know how the body uses energy? Have you ever asked yourself “where does our body’s energy come from”? Or what the best foods to boost energy are? Well, look no further! We’ve got a whole bunch of energy information coming your way!
  • Types of Immunity – What You Need To Know

    To understand how immunity works, we have to start first by looking at the different parts of the immune system. While most people know that the immune system’s main function includes protecting us from potentially harmful pathogens (like germs, bacteria, viruses, and fungi) this protection is actually much more complex than meets the eye, and involves two different subsystems within the immune system as a whole.

  • Can You Really Boost Your Immune System? We’re Busting the Myths!

    With a quick scroll through social media or any health blog you’re likely to come across a few tips to boost your immune system or a post that recommends the “best vitamins to boost immunity”. Can you really boost your immune system though? The answer to this question isn’t as straightforward as you may think.

  • Quality You Can Trust: The Aarja Health Difference

    Meet Diego and Maarit! Diego, our product designer, is responsible for overseeing our
    formulations while Maarit is our quality control superstar. These two make sure we can deliver
    nature’s wisdom into pure, safe, and effective vitamins to support your wellbeing
  • Berries: 5 Health Benefits You Didn't Know About

    Goji, acai, and blueberries may come to mind, but what actually makes berries healthy? We’ve already given you a hint! It has to do with their nutrients - the vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds given to us by nature in these tiny, colorful packages that bring about many different health effects. If you aren’t familiar with the health benefits of berries, here are just a few!

Nature has all the answers if we are willing to listen to it.