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  • How I Got My Energy Back – the Story of Elisabeth

      In this blog, Aarja's co-founder and Brand Manager Elisabeth tells her personal story and explains how she got her energy back and found a balance for her wellbeing.    I can easily remember how frustrated and hopeless I felt when I was in my 20s, as my health was not working well. This was th...
  • What vitamins should I take and when?

    Should magnesium be taken in the morning or in the evening? What is the recommended intake of vitamin B12? Why should you take vitamin D with a breakfast containing fats?
  • Benefits of Zinc - The Vital Trace Element for Your Health

    How does zinc affect our health? What is the recommended dosage per day and what are the main functions and benefits of this trace element in our body? Zinc is often taken only when the first symptoms of the flu occur...

  • VITAMIN C acts as an antioxidant

    Vitamin C aka Ascorbic acid is a necessary vitamin for health. It acts as an antioxidant and it has many EFSA approved health claims. Let us present to you the benefits of Vitamin C!
  • BILBERRIES – the real Nordic superfood (smoothie recipe)

      Nordic bilberries (Vaccinium myrtillus) are packed with nutrients and finally, it's the time of the year, when these super berries are starting to ripen.  We love these little blue superheroes because they are rich in nutrients and vitamins. Bilberries and other Nordic berries grow and survive...

Nature has all the answers if we are willing to listen to it.