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  • Everything you should know about magnesium

    Magnesium is one of the most popular food supplements, and the world is full of different magnesium products. What magnesium is needed for? How do you recognize a high-quality magnesium? How magnesium forms differ, and what effects do they have? What about timing – should you take magnesium i...

    Vitamin D is an important vitamin for the functioning of the immune system. Everyone should ensure they are getting enough of it, especially during the winter when there is very little sunlight. Aarja’s ambassador, Finnish baseball player and clinical nutrition student Janette Lepistö gathered us a few facts about vitamin D and its effects on immune function in this blog post.

  • 8 easy ways to improve your immunity

    Immunity refers to the ability of the body to protect itself from pathogens. Immunity is usually divided into innate, i.e., native immunity and adaptive, i.e., acquired immunity. You can improve and maintain good immunity with these 8 easy ways...
  • How I Got My Energy Back – the Story of Elisabeth

      In this blog, Aarja's co-founder and Brand Manager Elisabeth tells her personal story and explains how she got her energy back and found a balance for her wellbeing.    I can easily remember how frustrated and hopeless I felt when I was in my 20s, as my health was not working well. This was th...
  • What vitamins should I take and when?

    Should magnesium be taken in the morning or in the evening? What is the recommended intake of vitamin B12? Why should you take vitamin D with a breakfast containing fats?

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