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  • ”I’m training 2-4 hours every day, and I focus very hard on triathlon. After I started using Aarja Health® products I noticed a big difference. During a tough 3-4 hours bike session with high wattage, I no longer become empty or tired, like I used to.”


    Triathlete, Norway

  • "Aarja Health products are well absorbed and easily tolerated by the body. They are recommended to obtain a good state of health and to strengthen the immune system. I recommend Aarja Health to everyone who wants to take care of their health and want to keep their body in good shape for as long as possible."

    Dr. Grazyna Pietruszka

    Pediatrician, neurologist - Poland

  • "My favorite product is MAGNESIUM3, which has improved my quality of life as well as my sports performance. Since starting to use MAGNESIUM3, I have not suffered from greater muscle stiffness and this season I have avoided the unnecessary strain - thanks to it."

    Mikko Kohonen

    Floorball player, Finland

  • "The high quality ingredients and potency is what we need for our patients. We have entered your supplements into our bio resonance data base and when we test patients your products come up as highly recommended. Also the price structure if very reasonable"

    Lloyd Jenkins ND, PhD, EFT

    Budwig Center - Spain

  • "I found SPORTY BOOST® as a perfect source of vitamins, magnesium and antioxidants. I didn't have problems with my joints and no cramps in muscles. I felt super well during the race."

    Denis Kabanen

    Athlete, Russia