Javelin Throwing : Supporting the Health and Wellness of Athletes

Training in the professional sport of javelin throwing requires as much flexibility as it does brute strength. Just ask our Business Coordinator Freddie, who represented Great Britain at the World Junior Athletics Championships, winning junior and U23 national titles. “I am yet to become British Champion, but it will happen in good time!”

Freddie says training for the Javelin throw is quite varied, “I spend 5-6 hours per week in the gym, strength training, and an equal amount of time doing plyometric exercises, like overhead medicine ball throws, and single-arm overhead throws. Of course, as a javelin thrower, I spend time throwing but not as much as people may think. We don’t throw every day.”

The athlete explains that the act of throwing puts a great deal of stress on the elbow, shoulder and back. This limits javelin throwing to just two to three days a week. He rounds out his work outs with gymnastics, “Other than the fun and challenging aspect, gymnastics training provides a lot of value to javelin throwers. It helps develop balance, flexibility, upper body strength, and core stability all in one session!”

To balance his sporting schedule with his work life, Freddie says he works out in the morning before work. Double training sessions he keeps for the weekend. He has found an added bonus, “Exercise in the morning keeps me a bit sharper throughout the day too.”

So, just how did Freddie discover his love of Javelin throwing? “As a kid, I first realized I had a knack for throwing when I would throw tennis balls over the roof, with my two brothers. There was something amusing about seeing a tennis ball come out of nowhere, and flying over the house,” he remembers. “My older brother joined the local athletics club, so I went along to watch. The following week I decided to try and was hooked! I was about 9 years old at the time.”

Freddie uses Aarja Health’s supplements daily. “I am using Magnesium3 every day, in the evening, without failure. I take it with a small snack. I find it easier to fall asleep, and I feel a lot more rested in the mornings. I have also seen a huge difference in my work out recovery.”

Additionally, the javelin thrower also uses other Aarja products including Vitamin C 500 with Zinc & Changa; Vitamin D3 + Lingonberry; Collagen & Pine Bark, as well as Curcumin, Ginger & B12. “Both vitamin C and D3, help prevent me from getting the common cold or minor illnesses. Collagen has helped me with joint pain, from the many hours of training. Curcumin has been great as an anti-inflammatory.”

He admits that muscular fatigue is normal with so much training during the week. “It is important to have the right amount of training load and not to overdo it,” Freddie advises. “Injury we try to avoid at all costs. Working on the little supporting muscles and doing prehab exercises is the best way. We try to be proactive in injury prevention and not reactive to issues. I have physiotherapy sessions and massages regularly. But I think efficient sleep, and proper recovery is the big thing here.”

Focus is imperative during competition. “Naturally, at major championships, I can get a bit nervous,” says Freddie. I work with a sports psychologist to develop some different techniques to stay calm and relaxed. For me, there’s nothing that hinders my performance more than a racing mind and tense body. Days before a big competition, I try not to think about it too much. I just try to continue with everyday life as normal.”

Aarja Health is proud to support athletes like Freddie, with our healthy supplements.