Many people buy dietary supplements without further thinking. It is impossible to assess with human senses, if a dietary supplement contain what is promised and is it safe to use. At Aarja, we want to do things right and be transparent. Therefore, we only make products that we use ourselves and to be 100% sure of their quality.

made by US

All Aarja Health® products are manufactured in our own factory in Finland. Our FSSC 22000 certified production and highly skilled team with 40 years of experience ensures that every product batch is safely made with love and without compromise. We value skill and quality in all our operations and at every step from material selection to finished products.  


Quality is our number one priority. Our quality control system includes analysis of raw materials and end products, written and pre-approved manufacturing and packaging instructions, operating instructions and cleaning instructions, real-time batch documentation, change management, production facility control and complete product traceability to material suppliers and vice versa.

“Instead of quality control, we should talk about a quality control system or quality assurance. Quality control means only analysis."
-Maarit Riihimäki


Our factory has an FSSC 22000 (Food safety system certification), which includes both ISO 22000 standard, technical specifications for food production and additional FSSC requirements. At its core, is the manufacturing of safe products. We sample all received raw materials to make sure our raw materials are what they should be. Connected to a computer, the FTIR scanner detects raw materials at a chemical level through infrared radiation. We also check that the raw material packages are intact, have the correct labels and that the appearance and composition of the raw materials match our reference samples.

We believe that you should know where and how your food supplements are made.

Meet Our Aarja Team

Håkon, CEO & founder

"In my life and career, I have relied on my instincts and the belief that people have a responsibility to do good things. I believe that creating Aarja Health to support all our wellbeing and to make a difference in our quality of life is probably the best gift I can give to others. What comes to health, we all need to take the responsibility for our own choices and actions. I'm thankful for this opportunity to make the best products together with a dedicated team to help people live happier lives through nature's inherent goodness."

Elisabeth, Brand Manager & founder

"I believe in a holistic approach to healing. What is on your mind, what is on your dinner plate, how much do you use your body, and spending time outside in nature, and of course - supplements that works. At least I have finally found true healing when all of these aspects are in place. Why do we eat food? To get essential vitamins and minerals, so that our body works properly. But when the food is of bad quality, then we definitely need extra supplementation"

Diego, Product Design & founder

"I love Aarja's products! Each of our products goes through a very strict quality process, so you really can trust that they are premium quality. On a personal level, I have been always thinking about what is best for my family when I have bought supplements. When we started creating Aarja's products I always asked myself: can I feel proud of this combination? Is it truly efficient and 100% clean? Are these really the best ingredients we can get? Now, I can proudly say definitely YES on all Aarja's products. You must try them!"

Meet also the rest of our superteam who make sure your supplements have premium quality and they are properly made – with love!

Maarit, Quality Manager

Quality is Maarit's number one priority. Without a doubt, she is the heart of the factory! Sometimes we wonder how she manages to make time to do everything - there is never a quiet day for Maarit!

Jenni, Production Manager

Our wonderful production manager, Jenni, is responsible for making all Aarja products and sourcing our raw materials. She has a passion for vintage interior - so you can ask her for tips to find the best items!

Sami, Production Supervisor

Sami also known as "Samppa" ensures the factory runs smoothly on a day to day basis. His calm personality means nothing gets out of control! He spends his free time playing volleyball competitively for the local team.

Tapio, Technical Manager

Tapio is our in house superhero! He knows how the complex machines work and is ready to fix any problems that pop up. There’s nothing too challenging!

Laura, Production Operator

Our lovely Laura makes sure every batch of Aarja's products are made carefully with love. Besides that she is a great baker - so you shouldn't ever miss a day if she has baked a cake!

Tarleena, Production Operator

Tarleena is the most amiable workmate one can have! She has the super important job of sampling our raw materials to ensure they are the highest quality possible. She also supports product design by producing tasting batches.

Terttu, Production Operator

When it comes to experience look no further than Terttu - she has over 40 years of experience in the food supplement and medicine industry. You can 100% count on supplements made by her. Aarja products are in safe hands!


Arto, Production Operator

Arto is the one who makes us laugh – quick-witted, with a great sense of humour. Every workplace should have an Arto! His long experience and know-how guarantee Aarja produce pure and safe supplements.

Jani, Sales and Operations Manager


Nelli, Marketing Manager & Customer Happiness

Nelli coordinates marketing and leads the Finnish market. She also makes sure that customers like you are happy :) – so if you have any feedback, she will be the one to take care of it! Nelli loves downhill skiing and long walks in nature.

Tuomas, IT & Finance Manager

Tuomas is the pillar that keeps Aarja standing – he leads all things IT and finance, and his calm, optimistic attitude is something to admire. Technical problems? Turn to Tuomas, he'll be sure to fix it! Tuomas is an expert in 3D printing and enjoys spending time painting.

Freddie, Visual Content Creator & Digital Marketing Specialist, UK

Freddie is our British marketing expert who leads the UK market. He has a great visual eye and gets along with anyone! He is an international Javelin thrower who competes for Great Britain plus Finland's Tero Pitkämäki was his sporting idol when he was growing up!


Our team grows slowly but steadily and time to time we are looking for international experts. Feel free to send us an open application. We will reply as soon as possible!