An organic sulfur, which is a naturally
occurring substance.


Methylsulfonylmethane.  (CH₃)₂SO₂.


Nutritional mineral.


Sulfur is the fourth most abundant mineral

in a human body.



MSM contains 34% sulfur - 34% oxygen - 26% carbon - 6% hydrogen bonds.


OptiMSM® we use is made with multi-stage distillation process. It is a 99.9% pure MSM product by Bergstrom Nutrition, USA.

Why we love it?

MSM is known as a dietary supplement. It is commonly used as an anti-inflammatory agent.

We get less sulfur in our diet. Soils around the globe are becoming more sulfur-depleted due the mass production, thus food we eat may contain less sulfur. 

Sulfur is essential in the production and structure of keratin, the protein that is found in our nails, hair and skin. MSM-sulfur has been held as a supplement that supports healthy aging and mobility as well as healthy joints and reduces muscle and joint pain. (Read more.)

Sulfur is helpful for our cells' glutathione levels (an antioxidant). It is part of MSM's anti-inflammatory effects. MSM helps inhibit pro-inflammatory mechanisms which help reduce inflammation.

Why choose us?

A proprietary multi-stage distillation process  ensures a 99.9% pure product to guarantee a consistent, high-quality form of MSM.

Our MSM is non-GMO, gluten-free, allergen-free, vegan and it's backed by extensive toxicology data.

Our form with Vitamin C and bilberry provides an optimal formulation to improve your health and benefits of MSM - with a natural taste from the wild Nordic bilberries. Without the bitter taste of sulfur.

Sulfur-rich foods

Many foods contain small amounts of sulfur. Highest natural concentration of MSM is found in mammal milk.

Other sources: Brussels sprouts, Legumes, Aspargus, Garlic, Kale, Onion, Wheat germ

Aarja products with MSM: