Let the Aarja Journey Begin

Aarja is about pure, safe and efficient food supplements


The very first Aarja blog ever is here, and we are proud to tell that our products are now available online! We are excited to share this journey of a good and happy life with you. First, we would like to tell you the story behind us and how it all started, so you know we truly do this from our hearts. Later on, we will share here health tips, stories from our team, and knowledge about the Nordic wisdom. We hope you will find here something tasty and healthful for you, stay tuned!

In Aarja Health, we trust in the Nordic nature where plants grow stronger in the cold and harsh weather. We are inspired by the wisdom of our Sami ancestors and how they harness the strength and vitality of the plants. 

Simply put, Aarja Health is the result of Nordic experience and knowledge of health. Behind the company is bottomless love for nature and desire to live a good and balanced life. Aarja is a combination of the Nordic simplicity, the strength of Norwegians, wisdom from our Sami ancestors, and the Finnish quality and reliability. In addition to all this, Mediterranean knowhow of health and nutrition gives a perfect addition to our product design. In the heart of Aarja Health is a strong fighting spirit coupled with a simplistic appreciation for nature, earth, people and life.



Aarja’s story started from skepticism towards food supplements: 

Why can’t they just be simple and effective? Why can’t we trust food supplements we use are made of safe ingredients that truly help our bodies?

Have you considered these questions too? If yes, then you may identify with the same dissatisfaction as us: reliable and pure food supplements are hard to find.

One day, about 5 years ago, Aarja’s Norwegian founder Håkon Volden and Aarja’s product designer Diego Nazar were talking about their common interest, nutrition while sipping a nice cup of coffee under the Spanish sun and they started to think: why not to produce own trustworthy, simple and clean supplements?  

However, the story of belief in pure nutrition and holistic wellbeing goes even further than that. Håkon, the founder of Aarja, and his wife Elisabeth have both had serious health problems and then successful healing, where food supplements along with healthy habits played a pivotal role in their healing. Their experiences have taught them a lot about wellbeing and the values of a good life. Aarja represents everything they have been looking for in the health business, and they want to give the same opportunity to use pure and safe food supplements to everyone. 



In Aarja Health we think that nature has all the answers for holistic wellbeing, and living a healthy life should not be rocket science. We have all the knowledge in this world and still, we have problems to find the right information about a healthy and balanced life. Reliable science, trust, and transparency are behind all of Aarja Health’s operations. We keep our products simple, use only the purest raw materials we can trust to be real and produce the products in our own factory in Finland. 

Aarja Health will support you in your journey towards a healthy lifestyle – with pure, safe and efficient vitamins and minerals we have created for us and our family.

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