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  • 6 Best Supplements to Take if You’re A Vegan in 2022

    Whether you’ve been a vegan for years or are just starting out for Veganuary, an important question to ask yourself is “what supplements should I take”. As with any diet or eating style, there are certain aspects that might be lacking depending on the variety of foods eaten. In most cases, when there is a large food group being excluded from the diet, there is a larger chance of missing a potentially crucial vitamin or mineral that could result in a deficiency. So, we here at Aarja Health have put together a list of the best supplements to take if you’re a vegan so there’s no guessing!

  • Considering Veganism? 7 Helpful Tips and Tricks For Becoming a Vegan

    A large dietary change of any kind can be stressful, especially when it includes eliminating a large group of foods. For many, the transition to becoming a vegan is not an easy one, simply because once all animal products have been eliminated from the diet, so many people are left with the question “what can vegans eat”? So, now that we’re in the swing of Veganuary, we thought what better way to get started than with a quick guide to becoming vegan!

  • When Meat-Eaters Turn Vegan: An Introduction to Veganism in Veganuary

    It’s January, and for many people around the world this marks the beginning of a new year and a commitment to some sort of resolution for healthy fresh start! For some of you, this might mean a new fitness routine but for us here at Aarja Health, we’re going to embrace “Veganuary”. 
  • Do Kids Need Vitamin Supplements? The Myths and Truths You Need to Know

    Do kids need supplements? This is a great question and a hotly debated topic, but with all the information out there how can you tell the accurate from the totally bogus? After all, when it comes to your children’s health you don’t want to be second-guessing. That’s why we’ve put together a list of myths and truths about children’s vitamins, so you can support your kid’s health worry-free!

  • 11 Simple Ways to Boost Energy Naturally – Learn How to Fight Fatigue and Feel Great!

    Have you been feeling fatigued lately? Do you have enough energy to get through your day without feeling drowsy? Is cold weather keeping you down? Low energy levels and prolonged fatigue affect so many people worldwide, luckily there are many ways to increase energy levels! You don’t need another coffee or sugar-filled snack for a quick energy boost, we’re giving you some simple, natural ways to boost energy so you can fight fatigue and feel revitalized year-round!

Nature has all the answers if we are willing to listen to it.