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Aarja Health products

Pure, safe and efficient

Aarja products are created with a strong desire to help people live happier lives through nature’s inherent goodness. Our products are crafted from the ground up, using pure and effective ingredients to create safe and highly absorbing solutions that maximise the wanted effect for a better life.

With Aarja we are on a path to create an expanding line-up of nutraceutical products that suit the needs of various lifestyles. Our goal is to further good health, bring harmony and balance to everyday life and strength and vitality to exercise.


The next generation of Antarctic krill oil – OMEGA 3 BOOST

Premium quality Antarctic krill comes from the pure Southern ocean, from a certified sustainable source. Carefully crafted to be pure, safe and efficient - the way we believe supplements should be.

  • brain

  • superior absorption

  • heart

The world’s purest MSM

Aarja OptiMSM® + C + Bilberry is a dietary supplement for healthy joints and mobility, daily vitality and healthy aging. OptiMSM® + C + Bilberry is easy to mix with water and contains the fresh, natural flavour of wild bilberries.




Before and after activity –

Aarja Sporty Boost Recovery is a lingonberry drink powder to be used before and after activity. Contains antioxidants (PACs) from wild Arctic Lingonberry and optimal nutrients for active people with vitamins, minerals and L-arginine. ON-THE-GO sachets are easy to take along to work, trips, activities and training.

  • energy

  • bones & muscles

  • hydration


The ingredients used in Aarja products are inspired by the Arctic nature where plants grow stronger in the cold and harsh weather. We use the wisdom of our Sami ancestors to harness the strength and vitality of the plants and bring them to you in our products.

We made this for ourselves.

Now we want to share the results with everybody.

The story of Aarja Health is very personal for us. It is a story of will and strength combined with know-how and innovations to help live life to the fullest.

“In my life and career, I have relied on my instincts and the belief that people have a responsibility to do good things.”
– Håkon Volden, CEO, owner

Aarja is about putting together the purest and cleanest ingredients, and creating safe and functional products everyone can use. Aarja is our vision of a finely crafted and balanced nutraceutical product line. A line of products crafted to make life better for ourselves, our loved ones and now – for everybody.