Quality You Can Trust: The Aarja Health Difference

In a world where a dollar is often valued above a client’s health, it can be really tough to find a brand in which you can be truly confident in their products. Here at Aarja Health, you can leave your worries at the door! Transparency, trust, and quality are of top priority - after all, we only make products that we ourselves would use and give to our families.

Because much of the supplement industry lacks regulation and control, we have made it our promise to make safe, high-quality products, and this starts with owning and operating our own factory. This means that from start to finish, we are able to oversee every step of the process. There is no guessing, and complete product traceability. To us, the ability to provide the highest standards of production means that our products are able to live up to their full potential. A big part of this is having a knowledgeable team with years of experience, so we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a few of the people that make it all possible.

Meet Diego and Maarit! Diego, our product designer, is responsible for overseeing our formulations while Maarit is our quality control superstar. These two make sure we can deliver nature’s wisdom into pure, safe, and effective vitamins to support your wellbeing.

Diego, the product formulations at Aarja Health are so unique, what inspires you to come up with them?

When creating a product, we think about what would be the most effective for the client. We like the customer to only take one pill or capsule per day and not five. We love simplicity and try to make our products easy to take and taste good!

What led you to become a product designer? Have you always had an interest in the therapeutic properties of foods?

Many members of my family are doctors, pharmacists and nurses and I have had a particular interest since I was a child in natural medicine. I am Naturopath and for years I have helped people recover from "incurable" diseases. Quality food and supplements are an integral part of any treatment because they help compensate for nutritional deficiencies and strengthen the immune response.

How does the formulation process work as a whole? Meaning, how do you start with many different ingredients and end up with a complete formula?

In the world of dietary supplements, there are at least two important things to keep in mind 1) the quality of raw materials and 2) the synergy between the components. When we create a product from scratch, the first thing to consider is its formula. Which will be the main ingredient, and which will be secondary. Then it is necessary to investigate if there is reliable information that shows that a raw material improves its effectiveness in combination with another substance.

When buying raw materials you usually have two options as well. To purchase from mass suppliers in China, or to purchase from companies dedicated to the development of exclusive raw materials. The quality, efficacy, and safety of these two options can make a world of a difference!

Many companies often have very low quality and almost no scientific studies to support their product. For this reason, they have such low prices per kilo of raw material. Because most businesses want to have a high margin per product, they buy from low quality sources at the expense of efficacy for the consumer. We care a lot about the quality of our products, which is why we choose raw materials from registered brands. This way, there are scientific studies that guarantee quality and efficiency at the cellular level, so we know that the end customer will have a product that really helps them achieve their goals.

Once we have the raw materials and formula developed, we then think about the number of pills or tablets you need to take to meet your daily needs, and from there the formula is born!

Maarit, being that there are food components integrated with these supplements like lingonberries and bilberries, where do they come from? How do these ingredients go from being a whole food to an ingredient that can be used in our products?

We are using berry juice powders that are produced in Finland from berries picked from Finland or Sweden. The berries are pressed, and the juice is spray dried with the carrier excipient. The taste of this final raw material is very good and strong.

With quality being of such high priority, how do you ensure that the quality of the ingredients matches your standards?

All our raw materials are carefully studied and if possible, they are branded ones. All suppliers are well known and have long term history. The materials have approved specification and statements of allergens, GMO and origin. Every single batch must have a certificate of analyze in accordance with the specification. When the raw material batch is delivered to our factory, we give an in-house batch number for it and take samples. The samples are analyzed with FTIR-spectrometer by comparing it to our reference sample. Every material batch is approved before it can be used in the production.

 When it comes to production, what does the process look like from start to finish when creating a supplement from raw materials?

We start the new batch by checking and weighing the raw materials, sieving them, and mixing. Ready-made mass is tableted, capsulated or filled into sachets. The quality is studied carefully every 30 minutes during the process. Tablets and capsules are packed into jars or blisters. During the manufacturing and packing, all steps are fully documented. When then batch is finished, the documentation and samples are checked once again, by our Production Foreman and Quality Manager. Everything must be correct and documented before the product is sent to the customers!

Being that so much of the supplement manufacturing industry is unregulated, what sets your production process apart?

Our factory has IFS Food 6.1 certification, that is very high-level standard for food safety. The standard contains the whole process starting from quality management system, product development, operational processes, facilities, everything. We have external evaluation annually for every part. At this moment, our factory is the only one that has this certification in food supplement area in Finland.


With quality always in mind, we have made it our focus to deliver a product that we can be truly proud of. We hope that in giving a glimpse into our product development and production process that you too can see just how highly we value purity, efficacy, and ultimately, the ability to deliver outstanding vitamins to help you support your (and your families) wellbeing! Now, it’s time to check out our shop!