Meet the People that Make Aarja Health Possible! An Interview with Aarja Health's Sales and Operations Manager

Being a part of the Aarja Health team means being part of something special. Why? Because we fill a niche in the supplement market that really should be the standard…providing the highest quality supplements that are safe and effective for everyone. 

In creating products like these, over the past few years we have developed a really great team of people. While you may be familiar with our products, you probably aren’t familiar with our team. So, because these are the people that make Aarja Health possible, we'd like to introduce you to our team with a little interview! Meet Jani Ketola, our Sales and Operations Manager.

Q: How did Aarja Health get started with Minorito and Why?

Håkon and Elisabeth bought the Minorito supplement factory and started business with it. In my opinion they had an idea since the purchase to make the supplement line that suits perfectly for them. Purchasing the factory and creating their own supplement line is very personal story related to the owners. 

Q: What are some of the certifications the factory holds? What do they mean for the customer?

The factory has IFS Food (version 7) and Organic certifications. IFS is a high quality certification which is owned only by a few supplement manufacturers, and our Organic certificate applies nation-wide. When we started Aarja Health, the goal was always to fill a hole in the supplement market with regard to trust and quality. By holding these certifications, we can proudly stand behind each and every product that comes from our factory. 

Q: What quality control procedures do you currently have in place?

We have many quality-related procedures in production and in the factory operations. Procedures are described in our Standing Operation Procedures - SOP - hand book. Our SOPs are written according to our factory certification to ensure that our quality standards match that of our certification. We consider having high quality standards. Mainly, because our factory has been built for the production of medicine which has a higher level of quality control than in food industry. On top of this, we have maintained some of the history (personnel included) from when our factory was being used for medicine and have included that expertise and knowledge to create the safest, highest quality supplements we can.

Q: Where do the raw ingredients come from?

We have approximately 30 active suppliers for both packaging and raw-materials. We have been working a long time with most of our suppliers and over the years we’ve built strong business relations with them. While our suppliers are located around the world, we prefer Nordic and European suppliers to support local and sustainable practices, but some ingredients are not manufactured geographically close to our location.

Q: What kind of processes are involved in taking a raw ingredient and turning it into a supplement?

It is normal production process in question. First, we need to be sure the ingredients are exactly what they are supposed to be, which we confirm by comparing incoming ingredients to our own samples in the factory. Of course, we also check the batch documentation.

Production follows, where we measure out our ingredients according batch composition, and then go through processes like sieving, mixing, tableting (and tablet coating) / capsuling / granulating or powder packing. There are several packing possibilities: bottles, jars, sack, sachets, blisters. From here, products are labelled and ready to ship to our fantastic customers!

Q: What is your favourite Aarja Health product to create? Why?

All the new products make me excited. Creating something new is very interesting. First you design a product on paper, and there are many views that must taken in account. For example, what effect one ingredient may have on the others, how much of the combined ingredients are possible in one tablet, what form is best for a product (tablet vs. capsule)…There are many questions to answer – it’s like putting together a puzzle! 

Q: What’s it like working at Minorito on a day-to-day basis? Do you oversee the same products every day?

The work is interesting and challenging. There are so many different aspects in the work so one does not get bored with same products. Even though we’re working in manufacturing, we get to see many different people daily – customers, suppliers, and of course, our own staff. Combine this with the variety of different products we produce, and our day-to-day is always something a little different!

Q: What is your favourite part about working with Aarja Health?

The answer is simple: I can try every product myself and with my family!